Wednesday, December 20, 2006


It's my last day of work before Christmas vacation. I've been trying to write a piece for orchestra and finish up a film music course so I'll hopefully get some more time to do that. It's quite cold here in Nagoya today and the clouds are like white sheets covering and stifling the sounds of the city. It's kind of like a dream sequence in a movie. I just sketched a short piece for solo guitar here at my desk at school. The music speeds up as it goes down and slows down as it moves up. I'm thinking about making a set of songs for solo guitar to play through on a rainy day they would all be short and whimsical and fun to play. I'm trying to free myself more when I write. It's difficult because there are so many voices I hear when I actually sit down to write-voices of old teachers, music critics "this is too simple" or "this isn't modern enough" or my favorite one "This is too beautiful" I've actually heard this a lot- not in reference to my music but friends have said that when they're writing they have to be careful about making something too beautiful. I'm pretty sure thay don't mean it literally, but I still kind of like to go the opposite direction...

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