Sunday, October 28, 2007

Getting Here in Paris, Portugal!

The Uno Guitar Duowill perform "Getting Here" at the following locations this upcoming month.
2007/11/2 20:30 L’Archipel Paris
2007/11/9 20:00 Teatro Sa da Bandeira Portugal

In other news I bought roasted chestnuts on Sunday with Mari and Luka and the clerk gave Luka his own little bag of chestnuts. After he ate each chestnut he did a special chestnut dance which involved some head-bobbing and running around his mom. It was quite complex, but expertly executed.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I future is apple pie.

Interview tests at school... I asked a student what he wanted to be in the future he responded appropriately with "I future is apple pie." On the composing front I finally have a 'break' so I've started sketching out an orchestral piece that's been floating around on the back burners. I've also started writing some more solo guitar music that is very influenced by middle-eastern rhythms.
I bought a plant for my desk. It's a chamaedorea, my table-top palm tree.
Luka and I had a little jam session last night- he was singing and playing the ukulele whilst I was playing the tambourine and toy piano. It was going really well until I broke out my clarinet- it turns out that the sound of the clarinet(or my playing thereof) isn't quite agreeable to his little ears. He ran away to his grandmother's house. Oh well...
concert update:
-Oct 27 2007 St Edmond’s Church London 8:00P The Uno Guitar Duo will perform Getting Here

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

Wow! Thank you so much Cord Aria

Performances of Winter Light by the Cord Aria duo
29.07.07, 20.00
Brasilia, Brasilien (mit Meisterkurs)
03.08.07, 17.00
Rio de Janeiro, Radio Präsentation
03.08.07, 20.00
Rio de Janeiro , Brasilien
08.08.07, 20.00
Porto Alegre, Tasso Corea
09.08.07, 18.30
Porto Alegre, Teatro São Pedro
10.08.07, 20.00
Curitiba, Brasilien
12.08.07, 18.30
Sao Paolo, Braston Hotel
13.08.07, 10-17
Sao Paolo, Baccarelli, Marcelina
06.10.07, 20.00
Kulturzentrum Messestadt Riem (M)
10.11.07, 20.00
Kulturhaus Milbertshofen (M)
18.11.07, 16.00
Bad Aibling, Novalis-Haus

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

A line from Thomas Pynchon

This is a line I found in Thomas Pynchon's "Against the Day"

Despite having gone in with the determination to cut the place some slack, Kit had seen Y. almost immediately for what it was. The book-learning part of it, two or three good companions not quite crippled into the reflexive and humorless caution which leading the nation would require-that was all just swell, and almost made up for the rest of it.

Getting Here in London

Getting Here(guitar duet)was performed by the Uno Guitar Duo at Music at St.Barnabas, Manette Street, Soho, London, WIV 5LB at 8:00pm on Tuesday October 9th. It's a pretty interesting 150 year old church with supposedly amazing acoustics. Read more about it here

Falling Through the Cracks in London

Shibboleth by Colombian artist Doris Salcedo.
click here for the full story

Monday, October 8, 2007

Falling Through the Cracks

Yesterday I performed a piece I just finished for solo guitar called "Falling Through the Cracks" at the Higashi Playhouse here in Nagoya. It was a lot of fun. It's the first time I've ever experimented with prepared guitar- I inserted a piece of plastic band between the strings near the bridge of the guitar so that it kind of sounds like a kalimba. The title was taken from a Suzanne Vega line that has haunted me for the longest time:

I've fallen through the cracks and there's no getting back
And I'll never trust whoever gets elected"

I've always been kind of attracted to the idea of falling through the cracks- it's so easy to do on so many different levels and sometimes it's actually a lot more fulfilling.

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