Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Texas Pic

Summer 2007 Houston, Texas

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Anton Zeilinger, an Viennese physicist who has successfully beamed(read transported!!!) the properties of one quantum particle to another was interviewed in a 2006 sight and sound issue had this to say about quantum uncertainty

Take a particle with an uncertain location and an uncertain velocity. When you look at it through a microscope and locate it, the particle gives you an answer: "Here I am." That means, the location becomes reality at that moment. Beforehand, the particle had no location at all. With the choice of the measuring equipment we've had a major impact on reality. But the answer that nature gives is completely random...I call that the two freedoms: first the freedom of the experimenter in choosing the measuring equipment - that depends on my freedom of will; and then the freedom of nature in giving me the answer it pleases.

I've heard this idea before, but haven't yet heard it explained so clearly. I often wonder if this then applies to the rest of nature. If so, it it similiar to the Buddhist idea of Maya(or many other religions for that matter) in which all we see in this world is an illusion. I think it might be a great idea for a new piece.

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