Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Oriental Dance in Shinjuku

I went to Tokyo this weekend with Luka and his grandmother. On Sunday we spent the night in Sakura a town near the coast in Chiba. There I finally met Mari's cousin, he was the only member of her family that I hadn't yet met. He's a Latin Ballroom dance teacher- it was fun to hear him talk about Mari when they were kids. He hasn't seen her for about 15 years.
On Monday we trekked over to Disneyland for a few hours- pizza, chocolate popcorn and then onto Shinjuku to see Mari's Tokyo debut. Actually her stage name is Mayardy. It was a great show and her performance was effortless. A lot of people came up to her afterwards with tears in their eyes- they were that moved! It was a great relief for me because she's been stressing about the performance for the past few months.

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