Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Getting Here version 1.1

Yoshio Nomura and I made a rough recording over the weekend of my piece for two guitars "Getting Here." The mic I used doesn't seem to be the best for classical guitars so please bear with it. We're planning on recording it a few more times until we get it right so just consider this to be version 1.1.Here are the links

Getting Here

I Early Morning Departure

II Over the Water III A possible, but most likely imagined Tribal Dance

Here are the program notes
Getting Here is based on the idea of soul delay. I read about it in Willian Gibson's book "Pattern Recognition." The idea is then your soul can only travel at about 100m per hour, so if you travel over that speed, your soul can't keep up with your body. So, once you arrive at your destination it might take a few days for your soul to catch up with you. I really liked this idea and I started imagining the adventures my soul might have had on its way to Japan...a lonely early morning departure on silent seas...some turbulence and mythical creature sightings...a tribal dance in the shadows...arrival-cherry blossom snow and the final reunion celebrations.

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